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You do want to save money on your door drop leaflets, but you don’t want to worry about the quality and continuity of a supplier?


You are interested in potential new suppliers, but … how do I know if they meet my needs? Where do I find them, how can I easily communicate with them and how do I assess the quality and reliability of new parties?

Apples with apples

How do I ensure I make a solid and fair comparison between suppliers? Do they offer the same specifications? How do I know that I am comparing apples with apples?

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ctrl-Print offers:

Detailed Insight

in printers, paper suppliers and carriers

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Best quotes rapidly

best combinations in print, paper and logistics

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Insightful Dashboard

all ins and outs to make the right choice quickly

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How it works

ctrl-Print contains a wealth of data

Data about paper factories/suppliers, paper types, printers and presses, products and transport rates. Thousands of parameters that are constantly monitored and updated.

As a team at ctrl-Print, we are active in the market every day keeping an eye on important new developments. Through personal contacts, surveys and other sources, we constantly collect new or additional information and thus maintain the system and keep it up to date.

Discover the process

Step 1


The ctrl-Print team is constantly alert identifying new developments. We frequently visit our partners in the paper, print and transport world. As a result, we keep abreast of new machines, new products, new paper types and other relevant developments at suppliers.

Our network covers many countries, from Russia to Ireland, from Norway to Spain, Italy and Turkey

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Step 2


ctrl-Print offers detailed insight to printers, paper suppliers and carriers throughout Europe. We map all the printing presses in detail, for example: what are the folding options? Can it be glued or glued in-line? What is the maximum track width? Are there options for printing in a 5th color, press varnish or UV varnish? What are the unique products per machine? In short, everything is mapped to a high level of detail.

Similarly, relevant parameters of paper suppliers and carriers are captured and registered in the system.

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Step 3


In addition to the analysis of technical data, ctrl-Print provides an assessment based on a number of criteria that are equally important in making the correct selection. For example: how creditworthy/solvent is the company? How flexible is a company? What about delivery reliability? Many years of experience working with all these companies form the basis of the assessment!

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Step 4.1


A simple and unambiguously formulated request for proposals is essential. The platform helps you to define the request clearly. ctrl-Print has an extensive RFQ module enabling users to request quotes quickly and efficiently. The system pre-selects on the basis of the entered specifications. This means that printers and paper suppliers only receive the most appropriate applications. ctrl-Print knows exactly with whom and which products can be made efficiently. This is greatly appreciated by suppliers and shortens the lead time of the application process.

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Step 4.2


The calculation module is a unique element within the ctrl-Print platform. Thanks to the wealth of data combined with the underlying intelligent calculation mechanism, you can see a comprehensive calculation of your printed matter at the touch of a button and see which company or companies can supply you with the desired printed material under the best conditions.

Furthermore, the module also offers a unique simulation option. At lightning speed, a small size adjustment (with the same surface area) can be calculated on all suitable presses in Europe and ctrl-Print presents you with the potential savings.

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Step 5


ctrl-Print searches for the best combinations of paper, print and distribution options and costs. The end result counts! You get a clear dashboard in which all cost elements are presented. In this way you can make a thorough and fair comparison of quotations and make a well-considered choice.

Once you have made your choice of printer, it is possible to see in a radius of for example 250 kilometers which paper suppliers can supply your desired paper type. Good for the price and the environment!

ctrl-Print leadership

ctrl-Print offers more than 60 years of combined knowledge and experience in the world of printing and software solutions.

Onno Thijsen

Founder - Director

Onno has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Among other things, he was responsible for sales & marketing, global paper purchasing and managing a printing company as well as a print management agency.

He is, therefore the right person to advise you on all aspects of paper printing, web offset, gravure or sheets of printing

Henry de Jong

Operations Director

Henry has more than 30 years of international experience in setting up, expanding and managing IT companies in Europe.

He has many years of experience in sales and customer management with regard to offering SaaS applications.

A driven customer-focused leader with the ability to listen to customers, gain trust and maintain relationships with care.

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